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I will give you a cash offer on your house regardless of location, condition, size, and / or price. I can close quickly – often within the next 30-days so you can get rid of your problem property FAST. Call me (980) 353-2408 or Text me (980) 353-2408


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You have come to the right place to sell your home quickly because we buy houses and I buy houses FAST!


There are too many homeowners today are spinning their wheels in frustration as they get placed on perpetual ignore by so called “well meaning” real estate agents filled with empty promises. Today’s market creates a unique level of stress for many who need to sell their homes “yesterday”.  Dust settles on the yard sign, ads in the paper pass by unnoticed and the craigslist offers received are offensively low. Maybe you have come to the point where you have almost given up hope on the idea of being able to sell your Arizona home fast?

Whether you need to sell your house because of divorce, foreclosure, inherited property, or any other reason, I buy houses!  Experts recommend that all owners who are late on their mortgages, or who are missing payments become familiar with Foreclosure process and laws.  This is a monumental task that we can take away from  you.  If you are finding yourself underwater or simply need to get some money for your house, let me buy your house for cash.

Don’t give up! No matter the square footage, location or even condition of your home I can help you.  My name is Jai Thompson and I'm glad you found me because I am looking for property to buy for cash, closing quickly and with no hassles! I am the buyer you have been searching for and am prepared with a cash offer for your home because I buy houses.

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Christina H. Columbia, SC (Jan 14, 2021)

"Jai was freaking amazing. I had my mothers home and just needed to be done with it and Jai got me cash in about 30 days NO HASSLES 

Russel W. Richmond VA (December 16, 2020)

Jai truly made everything so easy for us. He was able to work around our schedule and close quickly.

Maria G. Memphis , Tennessee (December 8, 2020)

Jai made the sale so easy. Recommend A+